Conor Nolan is an illustrator, printmaker and designer currently based in Dublin. Conor’s work focuses on creating unique characters, scenes and narratives, in a way that can be achieved only through illustration. Conor’s work typically consists of bold shapes and bright, limited colour palettes inspired by the aesthetics of screen printing and risograph printing.

Conor is a member of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland and the Association of Illustrators, and is represented in Northern Ireland by UsFolk.

 Clients include:

Facebook, Beck’s Be Kreativ, Belfast City Council, Red Bull, The Irish Cancer Society, Foras na Gaeilge, Jameson Irish Whiskey, The Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland, Bean and Goose chocolate, DirectSki, Headstuff, Badly Made Books, the Dublin Inquirer, the Sunday Business Post, Totally Dublin, Counterpoint Magazine, Thistle Magaine, DOG Magazine, Filler Magazine, Desk Jockey Zine and more!

Articles, interviews and features include:

RTÉ, Scriba, Headstuff, Lecture in Progress, Ballpit, Beck’s Be Kreativ.

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